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Using our engineering know-how, developmental expertise and over 65 years of actual experience in the lined pipe business, we have developed the most modern equipment and process in the industry. This state of the art molding technique we call our “FUSION-BOND” system. It is the only way you can be sure of the same seamless uniform plastic wall thickness in fittings that is standard in everyone’s pipe. Our dense, impact resistant, heavy wall plastic linings, in both pipe and fittings, are temperature compensated and locked into their metal housings – which then expand and contract as a unit. Only FUSIBOND cycles every piece of pipe and fitting from ambient through its temperature range prior to shipment. FUSIBOND, the innovator, molds all linings in place after our fitting is cast or fabricated. We do not bend, stretch, expand, seam or otherwise distort our homogeneous linings in any way. That’s quality! FUSIBOND warrants its products 100% as each and every item is spark tested with a minimum of 25,000 volts which insures lining continuity and system longevity once in service. We can quickly furnish any fitting configuration and pipe pressure rating you require.


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